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The ‘Dorze’ tribe reside in Chencha, approximately 3000m above sea level. These divine & loving people are renowned for their weaving. Their houses are tall beehive-shaped dwellings and are among the most distinct traditional structures to be seen anywhere in Africa.

Konso Region
 Konso is located 90 km from Arbaminch with isolated region of the basalt hills. The Konso tribe make the most of the hard, rocky slopes that characterize their relatively dry and infertile homeland. You can visit the old village of Mecheke which is an excellent example of a traditional Konso village. You can see over 800 years of history when you see the wagas, memorial statues to a dead man who has killed an enemy or an animal.


This is the most southerly of the tribes who live in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley only 28km from the Kenya border. They live in small huts made from sticks, corrugated iron & animal hide. The men and a few of the women carry around guns for protection against hyenas at night.


sof omar is 120km east from Goba is one of the most spectacular and extensive cavern in the world. Created by the Weib River in the limestone rock, the caves are extraordinary natural phenomena on a place of breath taking beauty. Great caverns have been carved out of the rock creating soaring underground chambers.

The cave, now an important shrine named after the saintly Sheikh Sof Omar, have a religious history that predates the arrival of the Muslim in Bale- a history calibrated in thousands not hundreds, of years.

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