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Southern Ethiopia

Maale People in south omo Valley


The Hamer People

The Hamar occupy a mountainous region in the eastern part of the lower Omo Valley. Their name is also spelled Hamer. The “Jumping the bull” ceremony is the most spectacular rite of passage in Southern Ethiopia. This ceremony marks the initiation of young men in to adult hood. The main players are the initiates, those who are going to jump the bulls and the maz, those recently initiated who have already undergone this rite.

The initiate boys are required to jump in to the backs of formidable obstacle jump down on to the other side and then repeat the entire procedure on the day after the “jumping the bull” ceremony, women gather together, beautifully attired in their bedded skins and iron jeweler. Hammer women wear their hair in dense ringlets smeared with mud and clarified butter4 and topped off with a head featuring oblongs of gleaming aluminum courtship daces follow and continue for the following two days and night.

The ‘Mursi’ tribe

The most celebrated residents of south Omo are undoubtedly the Mursi tribe! Their ways are beyond anything you could ever comprehend. Known best for their lip plates, the Mursi’s live simply, beyond the Mago National Park in huts and small communities. They are nomads and forever moving from village to village.

Sof Omar Cave

sof omar is 120km east from Goba is one of the most spectacular and extensive cavern in the world. Created by the Weib River in the limestone rock, the caves are extraordinary natural phenomena on a place of breath taking beauty. Great caverns have been carved out of the rock creating soaring underground chambers.

The cave, now an important shrine named after the saintly Sheikh Sof Omar, have a religious history that predates the arrival of the Muslim in Bale- a history calibrated in thousands not hundreds, of years.

Mago National Park

Mago national park spans 2,162km2. The highest point is Mount Mago (2,528m) situated in the north of the park. Exotic wilderness is plenty and can be viewed on a quiet walking safari during sunset with an armed scout close by. This National Park is the epitome of a nature lover’s paradise.

Dassanech Tribe

This is the most southerly of the tribes who live in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley only 28km from the Kenya border. They live in small huts made from sticks, corrugated iron & animal hide. The men and a few of the women carry around guns for protection against hyenas at night.


Omo National Park

Are you a bird watcher? If so, this is by far your ultimate dream. Omo National Park is home to over 318 species of bird, one of which includes the rare black-winged lovebird. This is undoubtedly the most remote and unspoiled of all the Ethiopian National Parks and it is also the largest at 4,068 square kilometers.


The Omo Valley

With its diverse culture, vast number of native tribes and picturesque scenery, The Omo Valley is every explorers dream.
Attractions in the Omo Valley include:

The Rift Valley

The Rift Valley can be seen from outer space. On its north eastern side you can fine the ‘Dankil Depression’ It is one of the lowest points on the earth at 116m below sea level, and by far THE hottest place on earth. However the Rift Valley also hosts Ethiopia’s second highest peak in the Bale mountains at 4373m above sea level on its south eastern side.


The ‘Hamer’ tribe

This ancient tribe is renowned for their elaborate clothing, tribal culture & ceremonies that cross lines well beyond western culture. With numerous markets and villages to explore the Hamer people welcome you into their lives and homes transporting you into another dimension.

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