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Northern Ethiopia

Semien Mountains

The Semien Mountains are north east of Gondar. They are spectacular and are the perfect trekking site for the adventure seeking traveller. They are listed as one of the official World Heritage Sites. The terrain is magnificent, Ras Dashen being the tallest peak at 4,550m.


Bahar Dar

Bahir Dar, meaning “sea shore” in Amharic, is an especially beautiful city set on the southeastern shore of Lake Tana which is in fact Ethiopia’s largest Lake. It is also only 30km from the spectacular Tissisat Falls (Blue Nile Falls), which stems off Lake Tana. The falls are always more amazing in the rainy season due to the rising water levels and enormous amounts of water that come crashing down and create that magical mist.



The mysterious and extremely holy city of Lalibela is located approximately 700km north of Addis Ababa. The city is the home to what some consider being the eighth wonder of the world.



Sometimes named ‘The Camelot of Africa’, Gondar is situated 700 kilometers north of Addis Ababa at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. This medieval city was Ethiopia's capital from 1632 to 1868 and is still one of the prominent historical cities in Ethiopia.



Axum is about 1,000km north of Addis Ababa, just shy of the Eritrea border. This historical site was the name of a kingdom once upon a time. Axum ruled the region from 400BC and was in fact the second capital city of Ethiopia from the 1st through to the 6th century AD. The rulers of Axum (otherwise spelt Aksum) or back then known as the Aksumite Kingdom, controlled their trade through the ports on the Red Sea between Rome and India. UNESCO has added Axum’s archeological sites to its list of World Heritage Sites due to their ancient historical significance.


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