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Maale People in south omo Valley

The Maale people live in the north-east of the south omo zone of Ethiopia,

They are probably most famous for their poisoned arrows,

With rapid growing population number of around 75,00(according to the 2008census)

The Maaale are the second largest group of the South omo zone, an area of high cultural diversity,

They are agro –pastoralists. he center of their territory is mountainous and agriculture,

Is the more important, while the surrounding lowlands are suitable for cattle breeding and people have accordingly more livestock

The Maaale have their own belif, which is defined by ancestor worshipping and rituals,(Kashi)

Starting from the 1960s they were concerted to Protestantism and especially during the last decade the number of converts increased,

Today the Maale have an own administrative region. however, the traditional political organization is till party intact. The office of political and ritual leaders are occupied and they still carry out some rituals for fertility of their area and are asked by some inhabitants for advice and mediation

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