In December 2008 we went down Omo river from Gibe Bridge to Mui junction. It was 10 day paddling...

Pierre & Loretta, France:

My wife and I visited south Ethiopia for 2 weeks. South Ethiopia Tours organized the trip for us with a good car and driver.

We didn't want a guide for the whole trip, but George did stay with us for the first 2 days because one of our suitcases did not arrive with us, so we had to wait in Addis until it arrived, before going south. George was waiting for us when we arrived at the airport, even though we were late. He helped us a lot to find a hotel. He showed us around the areas outside Addis, explaining the cultural and historical aspects. He is very patient and always pleasant. George speaks very good English, and also gets along well in French. We have kept contact with George since our visit. We find his website well done, with lots of pictures and easy and pleasant to read.

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