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Maciej Tarasin and Piotr Opacian, Poland:

In December 2008 we went down Omo river from Gibe Bridge to Mui junction. It was 10 day paddling adventure. We arranged with George of Exciting Ethiopia Tours that he will pick us up from Mui Junction on 27.12 while we had a return airplane on 29.12. Tight schedule. George turned out to be very reliable, punctual and friendly. It was a challenging trip for us and we were hoping that things will go right way. Mui Junction is way off the beaten track but not for George and his driver. We honestly can recommend George and his services to anyone who is looking for a true adventure but still expects excellent service.
A summary of our canoe trip is on Piotr's website -

http://www.piotropacian.pl/podsumowanieomo.php and photos

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